Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

16 months and counting . . . . the time is flying by!

Dear those who will read this:

   Hello. Happy January 9th Day! There's nothing special about January 9th. However, yesterday, January 8th, was Elder Lee's 16 month mark of his mission. Time flew (that's a personification). It's been a fun mission. I've learned so much, and still have 8 months to learn more, and more importantly, help more people come unto Christ through the restored gospel. Now with 2012 underway, missionary work will hopefully be awesome! This last week, it was sort of a bummer, because none of our investigators met with us. It's the week after Holidays, but still, I guess, our investigators do not answer their phones or want to come to church. I hope they're doing well, especially those who were progressing the most (like Paula). However, Elder Abbott and I are still feeling happy and getting along well. This last week, all we got (in terms of key indicators) was one RCLA lesson. Elder Abbott and I still think we had a good week though, because we worked hard at contacting and finding people on the streets, in villas, and in blocs. We have found a handful of cool people, with a lesson set up with a man named Ioan this Wednesday. It's a little disappointing to see our investigators drop off the planet, but it's nice to have time to dedicate myself to contacting, and more generally, to do more of something that requires diligence and motivation.

   There's not much new. We have President and Sora Hill and the AP's coming Wednesday for interviews. Should be fun. Craiova still has no snow. It hasn't snowed at all so far this year. It feels pretty cool outside, but it's really not too cold at all. It's nice I guess. It was fun last P-day to ice skate. Now we're back to P-days here in Craiova, as a 2-man city. There's not much to do. We went to Buc last Wednesday for transfers to get some supplies and get reimbursed for all our train tickets. It was good to see a number of missionaries. There are a lot of new sisters now. The new group that just got in the country consists of I think one elder, and 2 sisters. I'm getting old in the mission. There are only 12 missionaries older than me now! Elder Abbott and I recently cleaned our apartment. He spent some time getting all the mold cleaned off our bathroom ceiling. Yum! The apartment looks better now. We had some lunch and shared a spiritual thought with Alin and his wife (from Constanta) at his mom's house. She was working, but they still invited us over. I tried some piftie (the jello-y, usually pig-parts stuff)! It had chicken and carrots in it, so it was alright. I just didn't quite approve of the jello part though. Jello should be sweet and fruity, not garlicy and chickeny. We had a good weekly planning and set some good goals--namely, to fulfill our zone goal by getting 3 member referrals a week, to talk to 10 people outside of blocs and villas a day, to speak Romanian all the time outside the apartment, to get 3 baptisms. The Spooner's are back. Sora Spooner has a cold and doesn't feel too well, but Bro. Spooner is fine. We've already had two good meetings, talking about the branch and missionary work. We're happy for them to be back.

  I hope things are going well at home. I guess you guys are having a pretty warm January! Is global warming happening dad? How's the front door? How's your Kindle, mom? I hear Chris is back to work and is going to co-author a book or something, and that he's going to Dartmouth this summer for some fancy seminar. Congrats. Seems like he and Liz are doing well. That would be cool for Jamie and Mark to go to Hawaii. I still have never been there. I hope all the rest of the missionaries are doing well out there. Miles is getting ready to go into the MTC soon! I hope he's getting excited. I am. You'll have to tell me how his farewell goes. So, I guess I'll have to be thinking about going to BYU this fall. Thanks for the notice dad. I'll be thinking. If Chris says so, maybe it would be good to get right back into school. Well, I'm about done. Hope you all have a good week. Mă iubiţi şi vă iubesc! Vreau ca voi toţi să aveţi o săptămână cât mai bună şi să ştiţi că e un an nou. Trebuie să vă estabiliţi ţelurile şi să le îndepliniţi! Domnul să fie cu voi, dragii mei! La revedere!

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