Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Still Working Hard In Craiova!

Dear Friends and Family:

  Hello! It's Elder Lee. How goes it? It goes well in Craiova. It's almost February! Things are as usual here in the city. No snow yet. I heard it finally snowed in Utah (at least Provo/Orem area) I guess the winter will never really come...Oh yeah, it did snow for a few minutes or more during church yesterday, but it immediately melted. Missionary work is going. We had a good week. We had a lesson with Doru (a long-time investigator) at the Spooner's. It was great. We talked about how important the BOM is, and that God does answer us when seeking to find out if it's true. We visited the Panduru's and acted out the brass plates story with the kids! They liked it. We have just been doing a lot of villas and blocs when it's night time. Elder Abbott and I are still getting along well and enjoying our time together. It's easy to get discouraged and lose a strong motivation to work hard. However, it's a great experience to find people who are ready to accept Jesus Christ's gospel.

   The week went fast! Oh yeah, we had a guitar in our apartment without strings and asked President Hill if we could string it and play it on P-days. He granted us permission, and so now we have a guitar to play every once in a while! We thought it would be something good to keep us motivated when we are, at times, discouraged. It's fun to play it. I think I remember all the chords...We have institute at the Spooners' every Thursday evening, and Sora Spooner is the teacher. No one really comes, except Doru and Fratele Radulescu, however, it's cool. We talked about Joseph in the Old Testament.  Hopefully, we can get more people to come. Gina's busy with exams, so she hasn't been able to come recently, but she's doing well. The branch is doing fine, just few that come every week. Our prime investigator is Paula, and she even wants to be baptized! However, she can't be living in the same apartment as her ex-husband and be baptized. So, we're trying to pray for her and hope there will be a way for her to solve that situation and eventually be baptized.

   English started again. We're doing beginners on Tuesday and Saturday and advanced on Wednesday and Saturday. It's sorta poorly attended, advanced, at least. We have about 6 - 8 beginner students. So far, the classes have gone well. We didn't really have enough time to get all the english ad cards out in just a week, being only two missionaries. We may have to wait until March now, to get new missionaries in Craiova. So, we're being patient! Church yesterday was good. It was a little crazy for me, because I gave a talk, and also had to translate for Sora Spooner, who also gave a talk. Usually Toni translates, but he didn't come! So, I tried to translate. I'm pretty bad at it. There were some tough words in her talk, but it was fun and a good experience to translate a whole talk (really, for the first time). My talk was about repentance. Again, Cristina (the sunday school teacher) didn't come because she's got a new busy work schedule. So, it was up to us missionaries to teach the lesson. We also still don't have the BOM sunday school manuals. yay! Elder Abbott taught the lesson and we talked about Lehi leaving Jerusalem and Nephi and his brothers getting the brass plates. It was a good lesson.

   Anyways, that's about it in this neck of the woods (I always used to like how Al Roker would always use that phrase on the Today show). It's good to hear from home. Mom and dad, those are some cool shutters. The family room looks a lot better! Dad, I sent that email off to BYU admissions (I copied and pasted your suggestion email), so hopefully, things get taken care of. Thanks for the help. I hope Chris and Liz are staying busy and I hope Jamie and Mark have a good time in Hawaii soon. I'm excited for Miles to be starting his mission in a few days! He'll love it. I wonder in which city he will begin his mission (after Provo, obviously). Thanks, mom, for sending me a Valentine package. I lurve you! Well, I'm out of things to say. Have a great week, and we'll talk later! La revedere!

Love, Elder Lee

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