Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

Craiova - A Winter Wonderland!

Dear cei care sunt dragii mei:

  Hello! Happy snow day. Craiova got a big bucket of snow dumped on it the other night! There's like a foot or 2 of it! It's fun. I guess it had to come exactly a month later than Xmas. It is pretty. It's also pretty cold. But, it's ok. The dry cold is just giving me chapped knuckles though....did you know your knuckles can get chapped? Uh huh. SO, I put some chap lip stuff on it the other night. I guess it helped. Anyways, it's still going well here. It is a hard city to do missionary work. We try to find people through our own efforts as well as through members. Not many people seem to be ready to accept Christ's gospel, but I know they are out there. The branch is so small, so it's tough to work through members (especially because the Spooners' are American and are not from here). However, the work goes on. It's a lot of fun to be with Elder Abbott. Not much has really happened this last week, besides the snow.

   We've been shoveling some snow by the church villa--getting some service done! It's funny that 2 American guys are shoveling snow in a country not their own. It's been fun. We've been trail-blazing some pathways through some thick snow. We bought some shovels at the nearby piata. Pretty cheap--30 lei, and another one for 18 lei. I'm pretty much completely out of munz (what Elder Abbott and I call money) in my MSF, because I'm still waiting on a 1060 or so ron reimbursement from zone leaders. Luckily, they come on Wednesday night, and they'll both stay here to exchange with us. Dad, I spent some personals on new speakers because my old ones kinda stink. I also bought a new memory card for my camera which costed only 30 lei.

  We don't have too many investigators right now, just Paula, Cristina, and Doru. We haven't been able to meet with a couple of them lately. They're doing well. Paula always comes to church, but needs to stop living with her ex-husband. We'll fast for her and for missionary work next Sunday. We met with Gina a couple of times this last week. She's doing well. Taking tests at school. Recently, we have talked about the temple and church organization with her. This church is organized pretty well, I'd say. It's kinda complicated even. We've also tried meeting with members. Toni and Cristina are both always so busy with their jobs. We visited the Radulescu's. Sora Radulescu made us some of her famous home-made pizza! She also gave us some of her cherry juice she has made with cherries from her backyard (the really good, sweet kind of cherry) Nice. They're doing awesome. Church was good. Elder Abbott spoke on repentance, and Claudia spoke on the scriptures. Yet again, I gave the sunday school lesson. We did it this week on member activation and missionary work. I used good ol' Preach my Gospel and the scriptures. It went well. I really like teaching, especially sunday school classes. It would be a cool calling to have upon returning home.

   So, that's about it. I hope you all had a good week. Mom and dad, hopefully it will rain more if you need it. Enjoy the nice weather. I hope Mark and Jamers like Hawaii and the pro-bowl game. Who won? It's cool that BYU basketball is doing well--better than expected--even if they did lose their last game. I need to go to more basketball games when I get back. I hope Miles is loving the MTC! I did. He will learn so much so fast. It's a great place to learn, teach, and grow into a spiritual giant in a very quick time period. Well, I guess I need to get thinking of what classes I want to do...I don't know! I'll be thinking....It's good everyone is doing well. I'm going to be done now. Have a good one! Mai vorbim! O zi buna!

Love, Elder Lee

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