Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

It's the Middle of January and Still No Snow!

Dear friends and family and anyone else:

  Well, hello. Good Monday. How's your January going? Ours here in Craiova is going. Not much really happened this week. January's already half-way done. Elder Abbott and I are gettin' along well. We are enjoying the days that we feel pumped and talk to lots of people, and we are also trying to stay encouraged when those days come where we wonder, "man, it's kinda hard with just us two and not a lot of people want to listen to us and it's cold..." However, we are always trying to do our best and love the city and people. It's been really fun here with Elder Abbott.

   In terms of missionary work, things kinda picked up a little. We visited more members: the Radulescu's, Toni, and Viorel. We're trying to stay true to our zone goal of 3 member referrals per week. Well, so far, we got one from Viorel! He has a friend and he gave us her number. We set up to meet, but she didn't show up. However, we will call her again in a few days. It's nice to visit members and help them to help us as well as their friends who need the gospel. It's also just been a lot of street contacting and villa knocking. It's going well. It's pretty chilly, but there's no snow. Rumor has it that it may snow tomorrow or some day this week. We'll see. Soon, it's already going to be February and there may not be snow!

  We had a good time at interviews. President and Sora Hill and the AP's are doing well. The AP's seemed kinda tired. They had been traveling in the west part of the mission before they got to Craiova. It was nice to see them and talk about stuff. Dad, I talked to Pres. Hill about leaving earlier for BYU Fall semester and he told me that everyone in my group/those who leave around the time I go home who will start school will most likely go early. In fact, he encourages the notion of leaving early to get back to school quick. So, I will probably do so. He said he could have us all easily go home a few days or a week or two early to get back to school (Elders Fonnesbeck, Schroeder, Pettit, Nilsson are those who would probably be going back to BYU). So, I guess that means I have to think of what classes I want to take soon. Hmm, I have no idea! I'll need to get thinking!

   We had a good sacrament meeting. We finally had 2 investigators come! Paula and Cristina. We'll meet with Paula this week on Thursday and hopefully we can meet Cristina too. It was pretty well-attended, like 8 to 10 members. Fratele Baldea ( I think) came from Pitesti to give a talk. He's in the district high council or something. He gave a cool talk on keeping the commandments and receiving the blessings that come. It was very loud and enthusiastic and fiery! He's a good speaker. I gave the priesthood lesson, using the General Conference Liahona. I used the "Personal Revelation and Testimony" talk by Barbara Thompson. It went well. I like teaching using GenCon talks. It's like the 5th lesson we've had to "wing" because those who teach sometimes don't make it to church, so at the last minute, the lesson falls to the missionaries!  It's fun. It's good practice for teaching, but maybe not for planning lessons.

   I think that's all I have. How are you family and friends? It seem like you had a good week. Mom, I'm sorry that you had to be at the hospital. I hope your sinuses get better and that everything's ok. Thanks for your email. I like the new door. It's pretty fancy. Maybe now you need a new doorbell. Or a new paint job. Do you guys still like the good old blue look? I hope work is going well for you guys. It's nice to hear about Miles' farewell talk. I'm excited for him. We'll see each other soon. That's also exciting for Mark and Jamie, going to Hawaii! Hope they love it there! Hmm, anything else? I hope Chris and Liz are doing well. Well, I guess that's about it. Mom and dad, you should figure out how to send me pics of BYU days from my Facebook through your emails to me! It shouldn't be too hard. Cool, I'm basically done for today's email. Have a good week and mai vorbim, bine? Ciao ciao!

Love, Elder Lee

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