Romania, Bucharest Mission: Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Dear those who are loved ones:

   Happy new year! Hope you all had a great one. Elder Abbott and I did. We did a little street contacting, until it got way foggy. We just went back home at like 6 or 630, because the streets were empty (not to mention creepy, because you can't see anything). We just watched Tangled again, and sat around. It was fast Sunday too, so we were fasting. I got a cold. I felt a little cruddy on New Year's, however I feel a little better today. It was fun to sit around, hear the fireworks (couldn't see them though). It was like last year in Bacau; it sounded like a complete war zone! I felt sad for all the street dogs probably running around like crazy in the dense fog with explosions going off all over the place. Take cover! Elder Abbott and I entertained ourselves by attaching firecrackers to army men-parachute toys and throwing them off the balcony! We had an hour of church on New Year's day, and it was just us, the Radulescu's, Doru, and......President Alin Constantinescu from Constanta (the Anaconda guy) with his wife, baby daughter, and bro-in-law! They were visiting Craiova because his mom lives here. It was good to see them again. I think they kinda remembered me. It's almost been a year since then...

   So yeah, it was a fun New Year. We actually are in Buc today (like every other P-day). We went to Alexandria last night to sleepover with Elders Horgmo and Benson, then we all went together to Buc. We want to ice skate with everyone! It should be fun. OH YEAH! Transfers! SO, here's what's happening.....nothing! Elder Abbott and I are staying in Craiova. President Hill wants to put sisters in, but it won't happen until February. So, it'll still be a 2-man extravaganza! I'm happy to stay another one. Pres. Spooner and his wife are coming back in a couple of days. There weren't any big changes in the mission for transfers. A couple of elders in my group are done being zone leaders. I can't remember how many baptisms the mission got this last week, but apparently, there were a little over 100 baptisms for the whole year. Elder Abbott and I have no baptismal dates now.

  Missionary work kinda slowed down during the holiday week. None of our investigators could meet with us. We got a return appointment with a really nice, older lady and her husband in their bloc! We're trying to do better at street contacting (asking a lot of good starting-out questions). We made a sweet origami fortune-teller thing (you know...those one things...) and put lots of questions in it. We're gonna start using it in our contacting (if we're brave enough). Should be fun. Craiova is doing well. Still no snow. Nothing really new. It's just a new year, that's all. I'll be starting my 11th transfer! I have only 8 months left. I finished my Whole-Year-In-Romania year! It went really, really fast.

  Well, that's about it for me. Mom and dad, I'm glad you had a fun Christmas and New Years. It was fun to talk on Skype. You should email me pics of the new door and blinds and all that! Does it look fancy now? How are you liking your Kindle mom? Thanks for all the stuff you sent me! I hope Chris and Liz enjoyed their stay. I wonder why Chris didn't like your food mom. I always love it. Especially my fav--the bbq pork red sauce stuff with twice-baked taters! Yumm. I hope you're starting 2012 well. I love you all. I guess I'm done. We'll talk later. Happy 2012! Bye bye now!

Love, Elder Lee

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